Yesterday I was making a selection of photos to create a video-slideshow of the first months of my baby. I started from the beginning: pregnancy.

During my pregnancy, I made self-portraits in several sessions and with different styles. For the most “serious” session I had the help of my best girlfriend. I decided to make natural pictures, without disguise, without artifices. I allowed myself, of course, some licenses: a bit of make-up, a pretty dress for some, and a bare belly for others.

It has been a long time since I hadn’t seen those photos and I was moved to see them, at least some. The “official” photos that I made with my girlfriend and my husband are pretty, I like them very much but these were not the ones that moved me. The ones that moved me are the ones I made all alone with my baby. These photos are completely natural. I wanted to document the last few days of waiting, at home, with my baby. I think that these photos moved me because in watching them, I immediately remembered those days, when the only sure thing was the feeling of my baby, his small movements, kicks. My baby.

If you like stylized pregnancy pictures, I respect you, I like them too, these are artistic pictures that can only be done once in lifetime. But I recommend you also do a more natural session, at home, dressed as usual. You will appreciate these photos very much when you’ll see your baby walk by himself and you will remember how it felt to feel his little movements, his kicks. Your baby

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