I am happy and honoured to have one of my photos published in the second issue of a very promising magazine: De l’Encre à la Lumière. The first issue was already beautiful, and the second is even better. The rendering the photos is superb, the quality is really A +.

De l’Encre à la Lumière is a French magazine dedicated to lifestyle photography. If you are not familiar with the term, we can say that it is a kind of photography that captures the everyday life by sublimating it. It differs from documentary photography, where things are captured as they are, without any manipulation. In lifestyle photography, we have the right to help our subjects to capture them at their best, but still keeping their authenticity and spontaneity.

Finding one of my photos among all these wonderful photographers is an honour.

You can still get the second issue of the magazine in paper and PDF format at: https://www.narrateursdevie.com/magasin

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