I had to stop working as IP-Photographe after the birth of my baby, but I didn’t stop taking pictures, and my approach definitely changed. If for me photography has always been a pleasure first and then a profession, I now see it as a real need.

I always used photography to keep memories and capture the beauty of special events and of the day-to-day. But time passes so quickly when you have a child, a baby changes so fast, that I want to capture everything, don’t forget anything. Neither his smiles nor his tears, his first steps or the way he takes my hand, his little newborn feet or his big eyes … I know, it’s normal, it’s the same for everybody, but I may have an advantage, I’m a photographer. So I have not stopped making pictures, testing different styles, different ways of seeing. I learned a lot and I think I have improved a lot.

A key reference was the book Stories of Home by Kate Densmore. I was inspired not to be afraid of documenting the reality of my family life, to be true because it is of no use cheating with memories.

From this break was born my new approach to family photography. I want to offer to my clients the same type of pictures I do for my family; honest family photos, sometimes funny, sometimes touching, but always true.

If this speaks to you and you want to learn more about my approach to family photography, you can find the description of my offer here: Family photography.

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